3 Years Later…

On the off chance that anyone still reads this, I’m now three years post-op of my revision. I’m in the same place I was two years ago. I’ve gotten better about foods but I’m currently studying for the Texas Bar Exam and I stress eat with the best of them. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t eat that much. I just pick all day and what I pick at, isn’t always the best choice for me.

I’ve broken things off with my ex, found a new man, fallen ridiculously in love, graduated from law school, found a job, and am getting ready to start my career (after I take this damn test next week). Three years can be a hell of a change.

I hope to get back to where I want to be once I start my job. I want to get better about eating at normal times, cooking my own food, and keeping healthy stuff around me. Until this exam is over, I don’t think that will happen but being able to realize I need to fix this is a good sign. I know what I’m doing wrong, I know what to do to fix it. Now I just need to do it.

God willing, my job, new town, and my adult life will empower me to make those changes. We’ll see what’s in store.


Thanks for reading,





So it’s January. I turned 24, dealt with Christmas, three major surgeries in my family, and a return to law school.  Class hasn’t started yet but it will soon.

I had my six month check up with my doctor. I’ve lost sixty five pounds according to their scales but 80 according to my scale – maybe even 85 now! My doctor said I’m doing well and have about twenty pounds of excess skin I’ll need to have taken off.

I’m pretty happy with where I am right now. School will be rough but it is going to be worth it.


Thanks for checking in on me!



I am the WORST

I have been SO terrible at writing since surgery and since I moved and officially became a person with no life outside of law school.


Surgery was June 6th and today is October 26. I am down almost 70 pounds. I’m wearing clothes that are SO old and weighing in at a number I haven’t seen since high school!

I’m really working at getting my eating into shape as well as getting my body into shape. I went grocery shopping yesterday and tried to grab some really healthy foods. When I went down some aisles, I just said to myself, “Girl. You DON’T need that. You might want it but you don’t need it. Put it back.” And I did. And it was awesome. I went past the sweets section in the bakery and just looked at it; ugh. None of it sounded good at all! My boyfriend was here two months ago and wanted cookies. However, he wanted bakery cookies that only came in, like, a 36 pack. When my mom was here two weeks ago, she took cookie number 3 from the package. I hadn’t eaten a single cookie. Don’t get me wrong. I still am not where I should be – but I’m making an effort and really trying to get back on track. I don’t always make the best choices [still] but I’m working on it. Isn’t life just a work in progress, anyway?


I just started this contract with this really cool website – http://www.stickk.com – and I’m committing myself to working out at least twice a week for the next six weeks. Exercise is just as important as diet in this journey and I can’t do this just by eating/not eating. I “exercised” a little bit last week; I could not get my body to work as long as I wanted to mentally. Struggling on that elliptical really made me realize how long it had been since I had worked out and how much my body isn’t used to extreme physical labor and I need to step it up. However, I do still hold by my thoughts from that day, “Eleven minutes of cardio is better than zero minutes of cardio.” (I set the elliptical’s timer for 40 minutes, thinking I’d watch an episode of the West Wing while I was working out. That was a mistake. I thought 40 might be stretching it but 11? Man…) It’s hard to realize that my body isn’t where it used to be in regards to working out. I used to be three days a week with a trainer and could handle more than 11 minutes on the elliptical without my jaw going numb. Oh, well. I know where I am now and what I need to be able to accomplish.


I also signed up with my law school friends for a 5K in February so this work out regime needs to start working on endurance training… I’m going to try to talk some runner friends of mine and see what they recommend. I’ll probably try to incorporate Couch-to-5K training in my new routine. I’m thinking Sunday or Saturday workouts or walks plus maybe Tuesday night or Wednesday morning sessions too?


Just verbalizing my thoughts. 


Again, thank you to anyone still reading this. Sorry I’ve been so bad about it. I promise I’ll write again soon.



A Long Time Coming…

It  has been WAY too long for me. I am embarrassed it has taken me this long to blog. I’ve been through so many emotions over the past two months. Since surgery, I’ve experienced pain, frustration, anger, confusion, contention, rage, and joy. It’s been an adventure here in post-op land…

I’ve lost 35 pounds so far. At my one month check up, I’d lost 20 and I have my 2 month appointment next week.

I’m about to start law school in the next few weeks and I just found out that “business attire” is required. Welp. Time to shop… I don’t own any “business attire” and I’m a little nervous it’ll be hard to find. I don’t shop at many stores and we went to Lane Bryant and didn’t find much. Discouraging but we’ll get there. I’ll post a new picture soon.



Almost 1 Week Out

I’m having a hard time. I get nervous that I’m going to get sick so I don’t eat a lot but I never feel full. However, I heard that if you feel full, you’re doing it wrong. I’m not sure if I’m eating enough or too much.

I’m having the worst cravings ever. I want everything I see!! I’m really hoping that starting the puréed tomorrow helps with the cravings but man I am so hungry!

I’m having difficulty understanding some of the feelings I’m having with everything. My stomach hurt and I don’t know if I was hungry or I ate the wrong thing or what. Is this normal? It’s a lot of change so I’m just thinking maybe this is normal and I’m just having to suffer through it?

I’m not sure about many things right now but I can say one thing for sure: I am HUNGRY.


So surgery was this morning. There were a number of different times given to us for our arrival time. We picked the latest one we were told. It was perfect as they had just gotten ready for me and they were prepared to begin everything.

I was really nervous about my IV going in. Thankfully, when I asked for an anesthetic, the nurse was kind of enough to actually give me the anesthetic. I hardly felt anything! It was really comforting. And, BONUS, after the IV was entered, my parents were able to come and sit with me until surgery time.

I had to see my doctor before the procedure. After seeing him,
I was rolled (awake) past other doors and into the operating room. I remember this and it was kind of weird. It was white and there were instruments EVERYWHERE! Super intimidating.

Shortly after, I was OUT. I awoke in the Recovery Room. I kept trying to lift my head to see what was happening. I couldn’t see much of anything. Thankfully, I was quickly moved from
Recovery to my patient room.

It’s a private room and bathroom with there’s a place for my mom to sleep. I have a drug supply – morphine – which provides new doses every 10 minutes. The Princess is a happy girl.

No food or drink until a “barium swallow” tomorrow morning confirming everything is fine. It will be good and I can’t wait to start on this new journey!!

Thanks for your support y’all!


Tomorrow’s the day!

So tomorrow is the day! After the battle of the last couple of weeks, I’m going through with it. I can already see my clothes getting looser just by following directions. My surgery twin went under the knife yesterday and there’s been small complications but it will all be okay. Having her is really reassuring and she and I can do this together!!

I can do this.

I had to get my blood typed today at the hospital and I’ll return tomorrow at 5:30 for my 8:30/8:45 revision!

See you on the other side guys.